• Don't Take It From Us, Here's What Clyde has to Say!

    Don't Take It From Us, Here's What Clyde has to Say!

    In case you missed it , HairClutch has teamed up with celebrity hairstylist, Clyde Haygood to bring you the perfect holiday purchase for you or your bestie. HairClutch is the perfect hair extension storage hanger and carrier. You can store it hanging in your closet, roll it up for travel, or style your hair while its hanging in the bag. Check out the video to hear what Clyde had to say.. 

    Click here to purchase yours!


    The Dames 

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  • Clyde Haygood Has An Announcement!

    Clyde Haygood Has An Announcement!


    You didn't hear?! HairClutch and Clyde Haygood came together to announce something really special. We have teamed up for some holiday fun and created an awesome contest for all our customers! Starting Cyber Monday - Jan 1st, every customer that purchases a HairClutch automatically gets entered to win a set of luxury hair extensions and a Skype ( or facetime) session with Clyde to teach you how to style your new hair! OH-EM-GEE!! 

    In Clyde's words- 

    Click here to purchase! 



    The Dames 

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  • Clyde Haygood, The Celebrity Stylist You Need to Know

    Clyde Haygood, The Celebrity Stylist You Need to Know

    Clyde Haygood, the stylist to the stars we all know and love. The tastemaker behind the scenes setting trends before they happen. Who brought back the Bo - Derek braids on Kim- CLYDE, who brought back wigs on all the young milenialls - CLYDE, Who started the beach wave revolution- CLYDE. How do you ask? He is the mane master mind behind his muses - Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Erika Jayne, Katy Perry, Demi Lovato just to name a few. 



    You name a trend you thought the diva started and Clyde was the mane man behind it. His techniques and tricks come from the somewhere deep in his beautiful mind and master hands when he touches hair. His ability to turn hair into art- and not the kind you only see in magazines, but the kind you want to replicate on yourself, is unparalleled. 

    Clyde Haygood, AKA Clyde HairGod currently lives in Los Angeles, Ca  keeping his Diva Dames on point on a daily bases. To have Clyde touch your hair is like a gift from the hair God's. Gosh, Eryka Jane  is so lucky. 


    We met Clyde and he fell in love with HairClutch. He felt his clients deserved something unique and chic , but mostly functional to store their hair when they aren't wearing it. He, himself no longer has to store all the hair in his kit in plastic bags. Don't believe us, listen to what he has to say. 

    Click here to purchase yours! HairClutch is not just great to buy for yourself, but to get for your bestie or sister who has hair in a balled up mess!!


    The Dames

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  • All Trendsetters Use Hair Pieces To Change Up Their Look

    All Trendsetters Use Hair Pieces To Change Up Their Look

    Everybody knows the Kardashian's use hair extensions and wigs to change up their look on a daily. I mean, ON A DAILY. Their hair extensions and wigs have their own closet! Their hairstylists have a job of washing and styling their hair just the same as the hair on their head, trust me, I know them! They aren't the only ones. Nearly every actress in Hollywood wears hair extensions, most correspondents and hosts on television do and I think its fair to say every influencer on Instagram has a nice selection of hair pieces as well. 

    Why have hair extensions become the every day norm? Well, they enhance your look, make your hair thicker at any length, and let you go from a nothing pony to a major glam snatch back pony in just a few min. Boom.

    If you have hair extensions too, storage is sooo important. Make sure you wash your hair pieces often. Hang on a hanger to air dry, and store them in a HairClutch. It is the number 1 solution for traveling with your hair extensions and storing them efficiently at home + bonus, you can style the hair while its hanging. 


    Amalia Moscoso

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  • How to Stack and Store Your HairClutches

    How to Stack and Store Your HairClutches

    We all know HairClutch is cute, but why do you need one? Very simple - Its the BEST way to store your hair extensions and hair pieces.

    hair extension storage

    You can keep it folded and placed in your drawer ready to go for easy access to take to Dry Bar or your hair stylist when you need to.

    hair extension storage

    You can have several HairClutches hanging in your closet and organize your hair by style and color to save on prep time, taking very little space. The protective cover keeps the hair in place ( hair shown laying outside of cover above). 

    If you like your beauty products organized and like to be ready to go, this is the product for you. Check out all our cool styles here and find the best one for you. Use code DAME10 at check out. 


    Dame Amalia 

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  • Influencer's Love This..

    Influencer's Love This..

    HairClutch is the BEST hair extension carrier and storage because it was designed with women in mind. Women on the go, women in business, women on vacation, women who like to style their own hair, women that travel to their stylist, or women simply have lots of hair and need organization for them. When we show it to influencers they always get scream they want one!  Its exciting to get the validation, because we know this product is for every Dame out there with hair extensions. Check out some our fav supporters below!

    @lianev 4.4 million followers and @officialjanina 1.9 million followers


    heather mcdonald comedian hair

    @heathermcdonald 105k followers

    @michellephan  2 million followers


    gretchen rossi hair extensions

    @gretchenrossi 672k followers


    We love every one our glam beauties. This is just a few of our best fans. Check our IG for more @hairclutch. Make sure to follow us for tips and tricks to use your HairClutch. 


    Dame Amalia


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  • Does Your Hair Get Matted When You Travel?

    Does Your Hair Get Matted When You Travel?

    In the heat of summer I know travel is on your mind. With that comes packing your beauty secrets and we know if you don't have HairClutch.. your hair extensions are en route to be a tangled up mess.  Have no fear, we decided to make a fun contest out of these worst moments!  All this week we will be engaging our fun contest on your best worst hair extension messiness!  The winner will receive a free HairClutch! So you never have to experience a tangled mess again. We will announce the winner on Friday! 

    To enter here's what you have to do:

    1. Post a pic of your hair extensions in a tangled mess. (could be in your stories) Tag us @hairclutch and write #ineedhairclutch on the pic.

    2. Follow our HairClutch page @hairclutch and

    3. Tag 3 of your friends.

    You will be automatically entered into the contest. One lucky winner will be announced on Friday to win the HairClutch of their choice.. 

     We can't wait to see who the lucky winner will be!!

    hair extension storage


    Dame Amalia 

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  • 3 Go-To HairPieces All Dames Should Have Handy

    3 Go-To HairPieces All Dames Should Have Handy

    Dames, there are so many hair pieces, which are key to always have handy? While I am a fan of all hair extension pieces, there are some over others that can quickly change your look and easy to pop in. 

    Clip Ins are the most versatile. They come with 6-8 pieces and you can use as little or as many as you would like. They are multi functional, you can also use them to make your bun bigger or your ponytail fatter, or add a pop of color.  If you don't own any hair extensions, I would start with a set of clip ins first. 

    Faux Ponytail is a must have. For those dirty hair days where you can't even, but you have a function you have to go to, thats the perfect moment for a perfect ponytail. 

    Halo Hair Pieces are an amazing way to double the length and volume of your hair without tedious application. You just throw it on like a head band, your hair hides the band, and bam you have a lioness mane and ready to hit the town. 

    Make sure you keep a HairClutch for each style. We have created a fun collection of colors and styles that allow you to organize your hair by style and color using different color HairClutches. 




    Dame Amalia 


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  • Easy HairStyles To Rock This Memorial Day Weekend! Plus A Special Treat

    Easy HairStyles To Rock This Memorial Day Weekend! Plus A Special Treat

    Happy Memorial weekend Dames!  This weekend we remember all the fallen soldiers in remembrance of our freedom... aaaaand partay!!  With a good party naturally comes fly AF hairstyles. So, I thought I would bring you a refresher of some of my fav and most popular looks for the weekend. 

    Let's start it off with a clip- ins trick. If you have a blunt haircut or a short haircut and you want to go long for the weekend, here's a cute tip to keep those short hair's underneath from giving away your secret...

    Here's one of my favorite styles using hair extensions as an accessory, or a hairstyling tool, if you will.

    Using a halo hair piece is best for this look, but you can also use a clip in. Just leave a little hair out on the side to smooth over the clip and join the bun in the back with a pin and a twist. 

    You can also leave your hair out and add the clip-ins that are fishtail braided in the background for added texture. HairClutch always gives me the much needed extra set of hands for styling my hair pieces. 

    Because we want you to fully experience HairClutch for your travel and styling needs on any weekend we are launching our Memorial Day sale today through Monday.  Use code Memorial10 for your discount, Queen! 


    Dame Amalia 


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  • Beyonce: A Tribute to Bangin Summer Hair

    Beyonce: A Tribute to Bangin Summer Hair

    There are MANY things Beyonce does well and her hair is one of them! She is so into the half up look and ponytail vibe this year, so we know its going to be a rager for summer. Here's a few tips to achieve these looks at home. 

    Beyonce hairstyles 2018

    1. Let your natural texture out

    2. Use a curling iron to wave or curl your hair extensions while hanging in your HairClutch to match your texture before clipping in your hair. 

    3. Use a tooth brush with hairspray on it to comb up all the tiny baby hairs to make the smoothest up style. 

    Beyonce hairstyle tips 2018

    1. Blow dry your hair going backwards and use a flat iron to iron the roots in the backwards direction. 

    2. Flat iron your clip in pieces and put a big barrel wave in the bottom. HairClutch holds your hair pieces into place while you style you hair. 

    3. Clip in 3 (2 clip) extensions in the mohawk section of your hair on top. Pull all your hair up the the top in a tight pony. 


    Beyonce hairstyle 2018

     1. Use clip in extensions to add volume to the sides of your half up style. 

    2. Place the extensions further back than righ on the sides so you can cover with the hair you pull up for half up style. 

    3. Play with your color by using lighter extensions. We recommend having a few HairClutches so you can separate your hair by style and color. 


    Big thanks to Beyonce for inspiring us this summer. I'm totally rocking one of these to the all my summer rooftop parties!  Feel free to reply to this with invites :) 

    Dame Amalia  











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