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This is pure Dame glamour. Salma Hayek epitomizes the word fabulous from head to toe.

To get the look, you will need:
dry shampoo
hair pins

Step 1: spray dry shampoo at the root all throughout the crown. brush it out.
Step 2: backcomb the hair around your hairline and smooth it out.
Step 3: pull your hair in a pony tail on top of your head, leaving a little volume in the front on top.
Step 4: take sections of your ponytail and backcomb to the root loosely.
Step 5: wrap the unruly hair around the ponytail securing pins along the bottom until you have a perfect bun.
Step 6: finish with hairspray, voila!

You cant go wrong with classic beautiful waves. They are timeless, regal and perfectly fitting for the Oscars.

To get the look, you will need:
hot rollers
mason pearson brush
shine serum / grooming cream
*TIP: un-washed for one day hair is best for this style

Step 1: with the largest size hot rollers, set your hair using 2″ sections and roll everything going back away from your face. continue this direction on the sides as well.
step 2: after about 30-45 min when rollers have cooled, take rollers down and using you hands finger through waves with product in hand. I would use a cocktail of hair serum and grooming cream, you can even throw a little gel in that cocktail for hold.
Step 3: create a distinct part on the side and using your mason pearson brush all the hair down smoothly. break up those curls to really bring out the wave. It will also evenly distibute the hair product you put in your hair and allow it to set where u want it.
Step 4: hairspray to finish and enjoy!

Halle Berry’s cut was once a unique look that not many dared to attempt to pull-off… This year it is trending!! Pixie cuts have become a sought after style.

To get the look:
DONT try this at home!! Find a picture of your favorite pixie and take it to a professional, trusted hair dresser.

To style a pixie the easiest way: allow your natural texture to come out by letting it air dry. Then, put some pomade in to create a messy-chic style.


Stay gorgeous! xo THD