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Dames,  do you have short to medium length hair? This summer texture is your friend. A second day after a blow out or sleeping with your hair wet gives you a texture like bend that enables you to tossle your hair in fun easy ways. Oribe Texture spray is an awesome product to use with this kind of hair. Morrocan Oil also has a texture spray that is similar and gives you the same results- piecey with lots of movement. Below are a couple different ways to play with your hair on day 2 of a hairstyle.


Throw it in 2 pigtail braids

Scarves on your head are an easy go to

Change the part and comb some hair back into a barrette

(Leila Spilman is wearing Lux Wigs in these photos. you can get yours here)

In short (no pun intended) texture spray is your bestie this summer and will allow you to manipulate your hair in easy ways.  Have fun!



Amalia Moscoso

The Hair Dame