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Hairstyles are always hard to come up with in the moment needed, Dames. I also tend to search for something cute every time I’m trying to get ready for the day. However, having a few in your arsenal is great so you don’t have to get ready — you stay ready!  It’s why I can literally be done getting ready to go out (shower, makeup and all) in 15 minutes. Why? Let’s be honest, our hair takes the longest. I’ve mastered the shortcut and sharing with you. Here’s a few of my go-to’s and how to do them yourselves!


Middle part French braids with a high bun. I love this hairstyle for dirty hair days. It’s great with a Canadian suit (all denim) or a cocktail dress.


Step 1: Part your hair in the middle and french braid both sides of the part stopping just behind your hear and tie it off with a small rubber band.

Step 2: Using a bristle brush, brush your hair up to a high ponytail meeting the two braids. Using a bristle brush will ensure a smooth upstyle and this is what makes this style look great for dressed up occasions.

Step 3: Back comb the ponytail a bit and wrap it around the rubber band to create a bun.

Step 4: You can create a little texture in the braid by pulling it apart a bit to loosen it. Comb out some hair around your hairline for softness.


Side braid with extra volume ponytail made with hair extensions.


Step 1: Separate the top section of your hair and pin it aside. French-braid the side of your hair reaching back past your ear and gather the rest of your hair to meet in a ponytail.

Step 2: Separate an inch of hair out of the top section and back-comb it. This will be used as a base. Take your Secret Extensions by The Hair Dame and fold the piece into thirds. Bobby pin this hair piece into the base you created.

Step 3: Drop the rest of the top over the pinned hair piece and connect it with the ponytail with a small black rubber band. Wrap a pice of your hair around the ponytail. The extensions have given your ponytail a new life!


Half up volume hair style with Secret Extensions

This hairstyle is kind of a no-brainer and super simple. I put in my hair extensions, tease the underneath section of my crown. Then, I clip in my Secret Volume hair piece and tease those. I drop the hair and gather it in middle back. At weddings, I tend to be the last to get ready because I’m always doing the hair and makeup, and this always works for me.

Well, Dames, I hope you like my three go-to’s. Let me know how you do with them and if you have any questions leave them below or ask on IG @thehairdame.


Amalia Moscoso

The Hair Dame