Posted on by Dame Amalia

Dames, there are so many hair pieces, which are key to always have handy? While I am a fan of all hair extension pieces, there are some over others that can quickly change your look and easy to pop in. 

Clip Ins are the most versatile. They come with 6-8 pieces and you can use as little or as many as you would like. They are multi functional, you can also use them to make your bun bigger or your ponytail fatter, or add a pop of color.  If you don't own any hair extensions, I would start with a set of clip ins first. 

Faux Ponytail is a must have. For those dirty hair days where you can't even, but you have a function you have to go to, thats the perfect moment for a perfect ponytail. 

Halo Hair Pieces are an amazing way to double the length and volume of your hair without tedious application. You just throw it on like a head band, your hair hides the band, and bam you have a lioness mane and ready to hit the town. 

Make sure you keep a HairClutch for each style. We have created a fun collection of colors and styles that allow you to organize your hair by style and color using different color HairClutches. 




Dame Amalia