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HI Dames!

Are you the girl that can't wait to get her new hair extensions and put them on immediately?!  You wear them every day because you love the way you feel.

Fast forward to a couple months later when they look like a rat's nest.  Your hair extensions are now totally dry and a tangled mess!  Is this you? 

These are the 5 habits that are damaging your hair extensions and you may not even realize it. 

1. You must wash your hair extensions! Wash them after 3 wears, especially if you drenched them in beach spray, texturizing spray or hairspray. These products build up and can create an acidic ph in the hair which drys it out. Let your hair air dry after washing when possible.

2. Don't use cheap shampoos with sulfates! Good to great quality hair extensions still have a cuticle and need the same quality products that you use on your own hair.  Sulfate free/paraben free products are a must. 

3. You must brush out your hair after you wear them before storing!  The longer knots sit in the hair the harder it is to brush them out therefore causing breakage. 

4. Don't stuff your worn, tangled hair in a plastic bag for traveling. If it's tangled in the bag it causes more friction in the hair and again will cause more breakage when you try to brush it out. 

5. Prep your hair extensions the same way you prep your own hair with heat protectant sprays. You use blow dryers, flat irons, and curling irons on the hair, then you need the appropriate protection.  Try CHI Iron Guard its a fave!  

Dame Amalia