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Hi Dames! Hair extensions are all the rage, but not many provide the ability for as much versatility as others. Secret Extensions gives you maximum looks to work with from color and length to assistance upgrading your hairstyles with more flavor. Take a stroll with us down the hair dream path with our friend Jamie Hauptmann as we break down exactly what you can do with your color and hairstyles.


Reason #1 Hair life is just a little boring without extra hair pieces. Here’s Jamie, before Secret Extensions entered.


Reason #2 Add length and volume with your natural color. 16″ of length and double the volume has made Jamie’s hair wow worthy. This is her natural color


Reason #3 You can alter your hair color even slightly by adding a darker hair piece. Jamie used a much darker hair piece with ombre ends.


Reason #4 You can layer different colors using multiple pieces to create multi dimensional blondes in your hair.


Reason #5 Create long fun braids adding dimensional color to them!


Reason #6 Give yourself extra length and volume when going half up for a top knot!


Reason #7 Say goodbye to limp ponytails. This hair can give you THE perfect pony.

If these pictures weren’t enough inspiration for you, check out this video I created with Jamie and Kevin Maher. This Dame definitely knows how to drop it like its hot with her Secret Extensions!


You can get your Secret Extensions here and make sure to pair it with your HairClutch.

Big thanks to Jamie Hauptmann @jamiehauptmann  Kevin Maher @kmaher56

Shout out and thank you to Candice for the music: @ticandace “Duttyboy”



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