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I’ve noticed that a lot of people are still loving half up styles with a top knot. I can’t lie – I’m loving it too. It’s an easy mix up of a regular half style. However, I’ve noticed that some Dames have all this beautiful thick hair with extensions and then their top knots are… a little weak. I am currently obsessed with this new Volumizer hair piece. It makes buns bigger, knots bigger, updo’s fuller, and it can even be clipped on to cover over grown roots if you haven’t made it into the salon yet. In the pics below, I’ll show you how to make your top knot bigger with it!

khloe-kardashian-top knot

** Note: I prepped my Secret Extensions by The Hair Dame first and put them on before hand.

Step 1: Using your bristle brush, smoooth out any kinks and bumps in your hair and pull up to the top in a tight rubber band. When pulling your hair through the rubber band, don’t pull it all the way through, leaving a little loop (the long hair left out will be used later)

Step 2: Take the Secret Volume piece and clip it in around the loop. There are three clips on the piece, so clip them one by one as you wrap around the loop.

Step 3: Tease the volumizer all the way around.

Step 4: Take the long piece of hair that was left out from the loop and wrap it around the teased hair and pin into place. Voila! Bigger buns!

Step 5: Tease underneath the top layer of your hair to give a little volume to the hair that’s left down.


So… there you go Dames. The top knot is here to stay so you might as well make it slay!


Amalia Moscoso, The Hair Dame