Posted on by Debbie Batres

We begin 2016 with girl power on our minds.  Our New Year mission is to bring you the latest on what's buzzing in hair, beauty, products and lifestyle. We plan on doing that in two ways…First, welcome on the scene our new blog, DAME Social! Here we will share the latest hair and beauty tips, news, events via The and product info to keep you DAME's in the know.  Second,  more social interaction with our kick ass Twitter + Instagram followers through giveaways, contests and DAME Spotlight features.  We want YOU to tag us in any posts you think we should see, comment and ask questions on our posts and get creative with how you post your just might walk away with a prized gift.  Don't forget to use our hashtags @HairClutch and #DAME.

We are 2 best friends on a mission, we invented HairClutch to provide a much needed accessory to carry your hair in style.  That being said, we are working on a chic yet affordable version of HairClutch for all you Dames that want a storage solution but don’t want to break the bank doing it. We are creating new ways to take care of your beauty secrets by innovating new products to protect your precious beauty investments. 


Peace, Love, HairClutch,