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Nashville stars Hayden Panettiere and Connie Britton are showing off more than just their unexpected amazing singing voices on ABC’s new hit series. Everyone has been asking us how to get those perfect Tennessee tresses! Whether the characters are fighting over their dreamy co-stars or rocking out onstage, their award-worthy hair is always soft looking and bouncy with tons of volume.
Follow these simple steps, and you too can have perfect country curls – Nashville style!

1. Spray some dry shampoo on your roots to build volume and absorb any oils on your scalp.

2. Use a Mason Pearson brush to comb out the ends and detangle your hair.

3. Disperse a quarter-size amount of Moroccan oil to add moisture and shine to your ends.

4. Take a 1″ barrel curling iron, take 2″ sections of the hair, wrapping it around the barrel and away from your face. *Note, you’ll notice that wrapping the hair around the barrel as opposed to rolling the barrel up your hair using the clip – produces a completely different kind of curl! Follow this all the way around your head.

5. Delicately finger through your hair while lightly spraying your favorite hairspray. Ours is Morrocan Oil, which gives us a shiny, maluable hold.

Hair Dame Tip: If you want looser waves like Connie aka Rayna James’, try spritzing a beach spray all over, then shaking your hair out to finish.