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Every now and then we get caught in a situation where we are without the proper essentials needed to look out best. Maybe you had to work late in the office and can’t make it home in time to prepare for a hot date. Or perhaps your date went really well and … let’s just say you didn’t have your brush within reach the when you wake up. Hypothetically speaking, of course.  We don’t want you to ever get caught looking like you’re anything but all together. Always be prepared with The Hair Dame Emergency-or-Not Hair Kit. Thats right ladies, we are always present for you even when your shine spray isn’t. Put a little sealable baggie together and make sure to include…

Bobby pins! Keep those strays in check.







Hair bands! There’s nothing a slick pony or messy chignon can’t cover.






A comb! Sloppy hair don’t care.






Mini hairspray! Tidiness to go.