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We are mid-award season, Dames, and Fashion Week has just started in NYC. I love watching what everyone’s hair looks like because this sets the tone for the rest of us for the next couple of years. Most of the time it takes at least a year to catch up to the mass. The award shows we have seen so far have showed us two predominant trends as far as hair and style are concerned.

The first is sleek, straight, and a fixed part in the hair. I love this look and it translates easily into our every day lives. I even did a video on how to create it yourself last summer.  The fact that it’s all over the red carpet this year means that this style is not going anywhere. So, Dames, when you’re trying to think of how to wear your hair to Catch L.A. for any Grammy afterparties, or how to wear your hair for the Balmain show, this is definitely a go to. If you’re a Dame that’s not in any fashion scene and you just want to go out with girlfriends or on a hot date, this works for you too. My boyfriend loves this look on me. Click here for the video on how you can create these looks on your own.

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If you’re on the go and don’t have time to click above, here’s the video to show you how to create this look on your own. Don’t be afraid of not being able to do it, because you absolutely can!!

The second look is using hair extensions and hair pieces to create hair accessories in your hairstyle. What?! Yes! These celeb hairstylists use this trick to make the updo or style bigger and better. What is a better accessory than hair? More hair!! This might seem difficult to you, but we have a simple way of doing it that you can recreate easily. We actually have another video in our archive from when we create a crown braid with Secret Extensions by The Hair Dame. This is a prime example of what I’m talking about. If you have clip-ins at home you can do the same thing.  Click here to see how you can do it yourself! Here’s some red carpet examples of hair extension pieces used from the last couple of award shows. Some are massive buns, braided buns, braided head dresses, you name it… Check it out!

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Press play to watch the video of how you can create this look on your own.

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Amalia Moscoso, The Hair Dame