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Girls dancing at a beachparty at sunset

Who doesn’t love a good beach party in the summer?  Let’s be honest, its all about the hair. Here’s some looks that will be trending this summer and you don’t want to miss out..


Every summer hairstyle starts with a perfect beach wave. Get this going in the begining of your day and you can turn this into any hairstyle. Check out our post on our favorite products to use this summer for the best way to achieve this look: Fav Summer Products


Straight from the beach, but you have the perfect wave poppin? Throw a hat on. It accessorizes any look and looks good on everyone, especially with a long hair vibe.


A messy beach wave pony is a perfect fix to 2 day old hair.  Refresh your waves with some beach spray and leave in conditioner cocktail and throw it up. If you have short hair check out our video on how to create a ponytail with clip in hair extensions coming out next week!!


Everybody knows Dames love a great braid in the summer. Texture is your friend with this look as long as the top of your head looks groomed, the messier the better on the braid. If you don’t know how to braid then fake it til you make it.. this is a perfect example of that kind of look.

Now get your beach party on!