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Dames love their hair extensions. The most joyous conversation of my life!  I love them, what can I say? I love how they make a woman instantly feel like she has magical unicorn powers the minute new hair is put in. Well, at least like she feels confident to walk into a meeting, date or have a drink with friends and be the showstopper. The thing is, when you have professional hair extensions put in you can’t wear every single hair style, you have to be slightly modest with how much you pull up your hair because you don’t want your hair extensions to show.  (That’s too Britney and Paris circa 2002, and I won’t let you go down like that.) So, here’s a few hairstyle ideas to keep you looking like nobody knows your secret! The key is to keep your hair low, nothing high. If you do want to go high just make sure you tease your hairline all the way around. The tease will create a barrier between the outside and your extensions, then just smooth it over with your Mason Pearson brush.








Happy hairstyles Dames!


Amalia Moscoso

The Hair Dame