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how to wash hair extensions

Hair extensions can be a tricky thing to care for.  The right shampoo is so important. For permanent hair extensions they all have a bond element, whether its tape, individual glue ins, and even the kind that are attached with beads have a bonded tip. These hair extensions can not be washed with shampoos that have sulfates or synthetic oils in the formula as it breaks down the bonds and will have your extensions falling out.  The most important thing to note, is when first having your hair extensions installed, its crucial to wait 72 hrs before washing your hair. This allows the bond to properly seal so water doesn’t get in between the bond and break it apart. Here’s some of our favorite shampoos. For clip in Hair extensions, it is important you use sulfate free shampoo. Harsh cleansers will strip the outer coating of the hair and make it dull and split endy. Below are some of our favorite shampoos for hair extensions.

Bain de Terre-

shampoo for hair extensions, sulfate free








Organix Renewing Argan Oil Shampoo-

sulfate free shampoo for hair extensions