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There are MANY things Beyonce does well and her hair is one of them! She is so into the half up look and ponytail vibe this year, so we know its going to be a rager for summer. Here's a few tips to achieve these looks at home. 

Beyonce hairstyles 2018

1. Let your natural texture out

2. Use a curling iron to wave or curl your hair extensions while hanging in your HairClutch to match your texture before clipping in your hair. 

3. Use a tooth brush with hairspray on it to comb up all the tiny baby hairs to make the smoothest up style. 

Beyonce hairstyle tips 2018

1. Blow dry your hair going backwards and use a flat iron to iron the roots in the backwards direction. 

2. Flat iron your clip in pieces and put a big barrel wave in the bottom. HairClutch holds your hair pieces into place while you style you hair. 

3. Clip in 3 (2 clip) extensions in the mohawk section of your hair on top. Pull all your hair up the the top in a tight pony. 


Beyonce hairstyle 2018

 1. Use clip in extensions to add volume to the sides of your half up style. 

2. Place the extensions further back than righ on the sides so you can cover with the hair you pull up for half up style. 

3. Play with your color by using lighter extensions. We recommend having a few HairClutches so you can separate your hair by style and color. 


Big thanks to Beyonce for inspiring us this summer. I'm totally rocking one of these to the all my summer rooftop parties!  Feel free to reply to this with invites :) 

Dame Amalia