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bloranage hair trend

Hi, Dames! Is everyone noticing this rosé colored hair trend that is all over IG? Yeah, me too. It’s called Blorange! I’m not mad at it… I mean, it was hot like 2 years ago but back then it was just called rose gold.  Leave it to the millennials to give it a cool name! It’s fun to mix up your blonde from time to time. It’s easy to do it yourself at home. Don’t be afraid, it washes out easily, especially if you use Manic panic. Manic panic does not have metallic salts in it, therefore it naturally fades a little bit after every wash. This is great if you like to mix it up. The color of the blorange will take differently on all parts of your hair where you have different colors. The trick is using the tone that you like to mix and you will love the variation that you have no matter how it picks up.

blorange hair clor


Pick two Manic Panic creamtone colors you like: one on the rosey side, one on the golden side. Take a little bit of each and mix together. In a separate bowl, put a heaping amount of white conditioner. It can be any conditioner, so use an inexpensive one that allows you to be liberal with the amount you coat on your hair. Take your mix of color and slowly add it to the conditioner.

*NOTE* The color you see in the bowl is going to be the color that your hair turns. That’s why you need to add it slowly. If you want it more on the pastel side just add a tiny bit, if you want it more vibrant, add accordingly. Have fun with it!


Below is a few of my favorite IG posts of the color in different variations that I love.


Blorange IMG_2459 IMG_2463

Well, Dames, hope you liked the inspo. Make sure to tag me on IG so I can repost you! I love seeing your cool hair color and styles!!


Amalia Moscoso,

The Hair Dame