Posted on by The Hair Dame

clip in hair extensions

Hey there Dames, did you follow the blunt haircut trend and now your hair extensions are sitting in a drawer and you’re afraid they don’t blend in anymore?  Never fear, The Hair Dame is here!! Here is a cool step by step video on how to apply your clip ins without getting that weird short hair around your neckline. We used our favorite clips ins by Cashmere Hair extensions of Beverly Hills in the video.


Step 1- Section the bottom hair below your nape and pin up in a little knot with a bobby pin, clip in the piece with 3 clips right above this

Step 2- With a rat tail comb, section out about an inch above that, the next section of hair.  Clip in the piece with 4 clips right above that.

Step 3- Repeat step 2.

Step 4- On the side, create a diagonal section, so the hair piece lays toward your face. Clip in the piece with 2 clips.

Step 5- Section 1 inch above that, bring that hair down, following the diagonal section below. Clip in the piece with 2 clips. Bring your top hair down over it.

Step 6- Repeat steps 4 and 5 on the other side.


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