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Hi Dames! We just wanted to take a quick break from all the fun hairstyles and glam and recap on some of our favorite things this month. The beginning of the month started out with a bang. From day 1 it has been non stop for us. We had a lot of fun shooting with The Blondes Who eat ( @blondeswhoeat) and Katie Welch(@i’mthekatie) . However, As the month went on, It got a little more stressful and we like to focus on the things that bring us joy, so we thought we would share. Holiday lattes at Starbucks, yep still going for the calorie splurge. Debbie is paticularly fond of the pumpkin spice, as am I, but my main coffee addiction this month was this new diet coffee my friend Smokey Jones turned me on to. It has all this awesome craving cutter, sugar dismisser, carb blocker stuff in it. It gives me tons of energy and totally cuts my appetite. I don’t even get hungry until 3pm. All the ingredients seem to be working because the sugar cravings are gone!!

LA traffic can be the bane of existance for most angelenos, but another Deb fav has been finding that magic hour in the day and going shopping around noon. what a genius! In NYC, I’ve had the opposite experience.. ugh so many people EVERYWHERE!! Why do humans like to come visit NYC in the winter? Most of us try to get out of the cold! Then you have that random friend named Marisol that absolutely loves NYC winters, wierdo!

Debbie and I have both loved the Christmas lights everywhere. When i got my tree, its a small tree with a small tilt because the bottom was not cut straight and it also has an anorexic section missing leaves, I was just thrilled. It made me so happy to wrap the lights around the tree and fall asleep to the dim twinkle every night.

Holiday parties anyone? They sounded great, but neither of us got to attend. With so much work on our plates, and Debbie still trying to find the perfect dry shampoo, neither of us had any time. p.s. What’s your favorite dry shampoo? Let us know in the comments below.. Debbie seriously wants to know!

While this month is on its way out, the best thing this month was Debbie’s 8 yr old niece. When asked what she wants for Christmas , her answer was nothing, only to help the needy. So of course the best thing to do was to donate to UNICEF in her name. Thank you Kendall, for showing us how a true Dame should be from day 1.

Well, that wraps up our favorite things and moments for this month. Hope everyone enjoys this last week of 2016!!


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