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Do you have short hair and you covet a long braid that your girlfriends have? Well, Dame, no need to covet, just purchase some hair from our new favorite company- Cashmere Hair extensions of Beverly Hills and let The Hair Dame show you the way.  Check out our video below….


Step 1- Separate the very bottom of your hair beneath your nape and pin it up.

Step 2- Insert the clip in piece with the 3 clips righ tbaove that section

Step 3- Separate just a 1/2″ section of hair and add another 3 clip piece.

Step 4- Separate another 1/2″ section , but placement of this piece is more of a wrap around the side of the head.

Step 5- Add a 2 clip piece on the side where braid will be.

step 4- Pull all your hair to 1 side and tie off with a rubber band

step 5- Create fishtail braid.