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Dear Dames,

The answer is yes! All hair extensions need a bath! I would say your hair should be washed every three times you wear it, especially if you spray product on it. Make sure to brush it first. Wash it with sulfate-free shampoo and let it hang to dry.

Your Secret Extensions don’t really need too much product, but they do need a bath from time to time. With these pieces you can actually use Woolite. Because they are synthetic, they don’t need a sulfate-free formula, in fact a gentle detergent like Woolite works perfectly.  Another option is baby shampoo. Wash with lukewarm/almost cold water and hang to dry.

You know you need to wash your hair extensions when:
a) They are tangled and wont hold a curl
b) They feel like they have a layer of something on them – it’s product! Wash them!
c) The color’s not as bright as it’s supposed to be.

There you have it!

Keep those hair pieces clean and vibrant. Make sure to get your Hairclutch as this product actually extends the life of your hair – keeping it clean and safely stored. Perfect for travel, storage and styling!

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