Posted on by The Hair Dame


Blow dry bars are all the rage. Why struggle to do it yourself when you can just have someone else do it for under $40? Its a great idea and a fab way to go. But how do we make this investment blowout last longer than a day? Of course we have a few solutions! Follow our instructions and you will have a blowout to last and impress for days!!


1. DONT run your hands through your hair during the day. Your hands are oily being that they naturally sweat  a bit. When you run your hands through your hair, you are putting all that greasy oil in it. Gross!


2. At night, before bed pull all your hair to the top of your head and wrap it in a bun, securing it only with pins. This keeps your hair from tangling in your sleep. It also keeps your roots straight, and it gives your ends a little wave. By using pins versus a rubber band you will keep from getting those tell-tale creases in your hair.


3. DRY SHAMPOO is your friend. No, make that your best friend! Take sections of your hair and spray it directly on the root throughout your entire head. Massage it in with your hands and then blow dry only your roots. Voila, beautiful blow out for days!!


If you want to try and blow dry your own hair check out our How to blow out your hair video.