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HI Dames!

Lets talk-  being a business woman and being a beauty junkie at the same damn time is most women's reality today.  Women taking their power doesn't mean dropping their beauty routine, it strengthens it.

Take care of yourself, look your best, and make sure you have the necessary tools to do so. When traveling for business meetings and conferences you want to have everything organized and ready to go. You open your suit case and everything has its own home. Life is so much easier when your beauty secrets are prepped and ready- especially when it comes to your hair extensions.

If you have early morning meetings and not much time to get ready- a little prep goes a long way. 
Here is your go to guide to traveling with your hair extensions when you are boss babe business woman and don't have time for too much fuss.

1. Wash and dry your extensions ahead of time 

2. Pre- style the hair how you are going to want to wear it when you get to your destination. Tip: Using your HairClutch to hold the hair for you makes this step a million times easier. 

3. Pack your hair extensions in your HairClutch - your favorite hair extension storage solution!

4. When you arrive to your destination hang your HairClutch in the closet or on the back of the bathroom door and your hair will be waiting, ready to go! 

Dame Amalia