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Hi, Dames! I want to share my company’s story with you. My business partner Debbie and I created our company as a mission to you.

When I was 19 (I’m now 35), I was doing hair in and out of a  salon and I had hair extensions everywhere! I noticed hair extensions in friends’ drawers and clients’ houses with messy balls of hair all over the place – I had an idea! Why isn’t there a special carrier for storage of our expensive hair?  My first idea was a miniature garment bag… but that wasn’t good enough. As I kept developing the idea in my head over the course of 5 or 6 years, I reunited with my childhood bestie and I asked her to help me with my idea. As if time had never passed, we were laughing and giggling our way to building a company (only now with good wine instead of lunchables snacks). Then, one night, I was pulling out my box of purses to pick one for the night and a silver clutch purse fell on my head. It was in that moment that HairClutch by Dame was born. Turns out that turning your idea into a real product is not that easy of a task.  Lots of no’s, several mistakes and many travels around the globe later, we had our perfect sample. We received a utility and design patent, hooray!

At this same time we had the idea to create a platform for me, the hair expert of now 17 years, to talk to you Dames everywhere! We wanted to be able to empower all women to learn how to do their own hair and give them all the products they need to do so confidently. With that was born The Hair Dame. We did loads of research, tons of planning, lots of over thinking about structure and strategy (you name it), we thought about it. Yet, we still felt like we were missing a key piece. We wanted to empower Dames everywhere and give everyone an opportunity to feel good about themselves, so how can we truly give back to everyone with this company?

Then came the Women Like Us Foundation- an incredible organization that supports women-led or founded issues in the world. Now we have the trifecta, our platform, our products and our charity organization that we can bring full circle in supporting all women everywhere with what we do.

Our mission to you Dames is to never lie, never speak on a product we don’t 100% stand behind and always do our best to bring you the trends, hair tips and best products for your hair.

HairClutch by Dame is the first product we birthed from scratch and there are many more in the think tank as we speak. Secret Extensions by The Hair Dame is a product we stand behind and believe gives every Dame the opportunity to look fab with great hair.

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Why? Because we love you! We want you and your hair to live happily ever after.


The Dames