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HI Dames, today’s Friday Feature is simply a shout out to my ultra favorite dry shampoo. Obviously, I have tried every dry shampoo like all of you, and I finally found my ultimate favorite. Why is it my favorite? A few reasons:

  1. It does not come out white on my scalp. This is the ultimate reason. As a brunette, this was one of my pet peeves, it took an extra step to get the white out with other brands.
  2. It does not make my root wet. Also, an extra step with other brands, you would have to blow dry your hair after spraying.
  3. Gives my hair the extra volume without matting it out. I hate when dry shampoo makes my hair matte at the root and rest is all shiny, then you have to be a dry oil to get it back to normal. Not with R and Co. Its perfect at first spray.


This was not a sponsored post, this is from my heart, the best dry shampoo on the market. Hope you love as much as me. Your hunt for the best dry shampoo is over!



Amalia Moscoso

The Hair Dame