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Hi, Dames! Is everyone watching the Superbowl? Or just chiming in for the half time show like me? I mean, who doesn’t love themselves a little Gaga? She is a Dame that represents being who you are no matter what anyone thinks. Regardless of whether you love her music or not, as a strong woman, we gotta love that! On to the most important: Gaga’s hair! Besides all the wigs, sculptures and the amazing colors she loves to wear, I realized she really loves bows! Bows on top of her head, bows on the side of her head, bows made out of hair positioned anywhere on her head seem to make her pretty happy. I’m not one for crazy hair.. but I do get inspired by it. I decided to create a couple of looks with bows that you can replicate. Any Dame can do this – from young girls to middle-aged moms for a fun day or night out. Below are the images and I will follow with the steps.  Try it and let me know how it worked for you!

hair bows

Note: You can do this with your hair half up or all up in a pony on top of your head – it’s up to you.  I put in my extensions and created this look with my hair half up.

Step 1: Use a bristle brush to pull all the hair up smooth to the top of your head. The bow might end up a little frizzy or messy or textured, so I always recommend a juxtaposition for a finished look. If the hair pulled up is smooth and tight, the bun can be messy. If updo is polished, the other hair can be a little messy.

Step 2: Wrap a rubber band around the hair as tight as possible and leave a little loop. This loop is going to be the two sides of the bow. The size of the loop should be the size you want the bow to be.

Step 3: Notice the hair left out – we are going to use that in a second. Take the loop and separate it in the middle. Now, take the loose hair left out and pull it through the middle of the loop and pin it in the base of the pony. If you have long hair and there’s still a lot hanging, you can wrap it around the base of the bow. Pin it into place.



You can follow these same steps to create different bows. This bow I had extensions in and pulled it into a side pony. Then creating a loop, and pulling the ends through the middle. This would be an elegant updo that would could be done in a few min’s once you got the hang of those steps.

It’s OK if you’re not the Dame that will wear a gigantic platinum wig with a huge hair bow on top, or a mini bow on top of your head. Try the side bow that looks like a cool updo. This works for all of us!

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Amalia Moscoso, The Hair Dame