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the perfect ponytail

Hi, Dames! Have you noticed dramatic ponytails are all the rage right now? Khloe Kardashian even rocked it on New Year’s Eve! We all love a good ponytail, so The Hair Dame is going to show you how to do it with extensions (Secret Extensions by The Hair Dame to be exact…)! Check it out below. We also have the steps written out so you don’t miss anything!



How To Create a Ponytail With Secret Extensions

Step 1: Put on your Secret extensions like a headband, removing the hair around your hairline and combing out the top of your hair from under the invisible band.

Step 2: Gather all your hair into a ponytail. This part could get tricky, but take your time and gather all your hair above the hair pieces and smooth it out as you go.

Step 3: Take big sections of the hair in the pony and wrap it around a curling iron, leaving the ends out. Back-comb the waves from underneath; this will fill out the ponytail and create the glamorous effect of thick waves.

Step 4: Wrap a little hair around the rubber band for a finished look.

Quick tip: If you want to rid of all the fly-aways and bumps, spray hairspray on a tooth brush and brush them down.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below.


The Hair Dame