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Hi dames, I have been recently cyber stalking JLo on IG and am obsessed with her hair. I know I'm not the only one so I wanted to share with you How you can get these looks too. With a little hair, one can achieve any hairstyle of your dreams!! Check out below my quick tips to get the look. 
jlo hair extensions
Quick Tip: To get this look, you need 22" clip in hair extensions, or a wig. We love the Roger Medina Hair extensions for this look. 
jlo hair extensions
Quick Tip: Pony Tail of your dreams? Use the clip ins pieces that are smaller weft ( 2" in width) . Separate the mohawk section of your hair and layer the hair on top. Back comb the front section of your hair to cover over the hair and pull all your hair up to a high pony.curl your pony to make the hair blend. 
jlo hair extensions
Quick Tip: the Halo hair piece is perfect for this look. It will give you the density you need on the bottom. If you need extra hair for the top follow the pony tail steps above. 
Of course, with all this hair, you are going to need to organize it and protect your investment! HairClutch is the only way to do that in a chic and stylish way. Hang your hair in your closet or roll it up and take it with you to Drybar. HairClutch always protects your hair. Its how all the celebrities keep their hair in great condition.  You can get yours here.
Dame Amalia