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HI Dames, hair bracelets?  I love the way a rubber band looks on my wrist.. said no one ever. Recently, when I was in Tokyo I stumbled across the cutest charm store. You could make your own bracelets, necklaces, and turn rubber bands into bracelets with charms.  I bought one, come to find out at checkout, the brand is actually from Brooklyn, NY ! I was so excited to share this with every Dame I know so you don’t have to downgrade your wrist this summer in between hairstyles during the day.


There are other versions of this concept. Below are a couple I favor that are easily accessible.

Etsy Also has some really cool versions, that you put your rubber bands on the bracelet , so it doesn’t look like a rubber band .

These are called Duelette’s on They come in different colors so you can layer them in your hair. When they are on your wrist they look like bangles. So cute! Enjoy


Amalia Moscoso

The Hair Dame