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Hi Dames! So, I am totally obsessed with the fact  hair jewelry and accessories are totally a thing right now. All the celebs are rocking them on red carpets, and summer draws us  in to want to accessorize basic styles to look , well, not basic.  This bares the question, how do i rock hair jewelry and accessories without looking 12. Well, there are a few  answers.

1) Make sure your hair is actually styled first. a 12 year old will have straight hair dried hair with a clip pulling it back . A dame should have their hair in some form of wave or style  and or a sophisticated part that looks intentional.

the hair dame

2) Don’t rock the accessory  in the same way as a 12 year old. Be creative with placement of head bands, whether just along your hair line, or more like a head wrap, place them in a cute pixie to accentuate the style.

leila spilman


jamie hauptmann

3) Layer barrettes with color or style to make it look chunky. Place the barrettes in cute places to accentuate the style not just be functional. Below are some examples.

laila spilman

the hair dame

leila spilman


Let me know what you think dames! I promise you, even the cheesiest looking glam pieces can be pulled off with the right hairstyle to go along with it. I get so many compliment with pieces i even get from the drug store. Its all about how my hair is styled under the accessory.



Amalia Moscoso

The Hair Dame