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This ongoing trend keeps appearing, disappearing and reappearing again. If you find yourself asking ‘how do you rock these pieces without looking like your trying too hard’? Well, the answer is to refer back to THD Rule #1: Pick a focal point.  If this beautiful hair piece is your focal point, don’t challenge it with an over the top hairstyle. Keep it simple. Let your hair down and let the hair jewelry shine. By adding clip-in hair extensions, you’ll give your hair a little volume to balance the weight of the head piece. On the same note, keep your jewelry and make-up simple as well to avoid looking costume. Check out some really cool pieces here- . Our favorite hair jewelry brands include-  Jennifer Behr, Litter SF,  House of Harlow, Bell Noelle.

Awesome, natural, effortless hairstyle with this hair jewelry by House of Harlow.


Don’t think that you have to wear some over the top ethnic outfit just because your channeling this look with the jewelry. Quite the opposite actually. Less is more.

We love khloe, but this is not working. #nothot


This is a much better example of a simplified outfit and let your hair jewelry take the stage #hot