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Hi Dames! I get a lot of people asking me about hair masks, especially in the summer. The sun, pool, and ocean can dry out hair.  Having a good hair mask to use once a week is important. Masks have different benefits for different reasons- some are for moisture, some are protein, and some are both. If you are blonde, blondish, or have any blonde in your hair whatsoever, you most likely will need a little protein as well as moisture. If you have extensions, I would say the same. If you are brunette or red head (or any darker shade) a simple moisture mask will do the trick. The thing about cheaper products vs more expensive products is the quality of ingredients they use most of the time, sometimes you are just paying for the name.  However for example: Oribe, they have spent millions of dollars creating proprietary ingredients. Brands that are owned by Loreal, well chances are they have some rendition of Loreal ingredients. Look at the ingredient list in the back of the bottle. If there’s ingredients that you know are cheaper like coconut oil, castor oil, avocado oil, you shouldn’t be breaking the bank. Below are some of my favorites!

I’m obsessed with this brand Hask. Sulfate free, paraben free, milk from the God’s for your hair.

If you have damaged hair, Olaplex is a must . Once a week will change your hair life. You can add a dab to your moisture mask for extra protein if you just want to maintain the protein health of your hair.

Moroccan Oil was the first brand to bring us Argan Oil. Its a no brainer. I love this product


Well, Dames keep your sunnies on and your hair soft this summer!


Amalia Moscoso

The Hair Dame