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Well, let me explain – Our hair naturally wants to be lubed up. This is why our scalp produces natural oils. This is also why the more you shampoo the more oily your hair gets. However, these oils don’t get all the way to our ends all on their own, unless you brush your hair 5x a day and wash your hair once a week. And who has time for that? Therefore, they don’t make it down to our ends. In this case, a hair oil or emollient is great for your hair, as long as you keep it a few inches away from your scalp. Make sure you use no more than a dime sized amount if you have fine hair and no more that a quarter if you have thick long hair. Put it in your hair when its wet, comb through and blow dry as usual.  We love Morrocan Oil and in addition, our new personal fave is Rodin by Recine.