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Dames, lets be real-  Revolve has been crushing the summer parties for the last few years. They blew Coachella out of the water. I mean, who wants to be in an open field barely able to see your favorite band being pushed, stepped on, and sweating in the hot sun when you can be at a pool party dancing to Migos performing live with a cocktail in your hand. Only the bad and bougie get invited to revolve parties.  So- I want you to know  if you get the invite, your hair must be on point.  I don’t mean just looking good with extensions and beach waves.  I mean ” Whoa, who did your hair?” vibes.  So here’s some inspiration for you, whatever you do, don’t disappoint! Also works for you to be the star at your friends own revolve inspired beach party!




Have fun and remember dress that hair to impress!



Amalia Moscoso

The Hair Dame