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Hi, Dames! How many of you have your hair extensions bundled up in stuffed in a bag somewhere?

Are they brushed nicely and laid in a drawer ?  Then, after time of friction and moving around and having other things thrown on top, they get tangled up in a mess?

How about discovering that they hang well on a skirt hanger and in your closet, but when your clothes come in and out with static and dust, they are now a hanging tangled mess?

Did you get sucked into buying that mini garment bag for hair but now you want to take them to dry bar and that bag doesn’t fit anywhere!  So you have to carry it and everyone can see your little beauty secrets all up in their face!

Have you ever had a friend hold your hair while you curl them? Or you’ve tried to hold one end with your knee or your mouth while trying to flat iron them?

We know all of these behind-closed-doors issues because it’s happened to us! Yes, as a hairstylist I had hair all over my professional kit. Even if I had it in a zip lock bag labeled and organized. It would seem weird that me or my client paid hundreds upwards of thousands on hair pieces and it ends up in a plastic bag? My bestie and business partner Debbie, the ultimate beauty products consumer could not find a place that suited all her needs either for hair. Even in a box that said Hermes on it!  That did not cure the tangles, travel ear and tear, or the dust from her hair.  Nothing did.  Until now!

Together we invented the best thing ever for your hair extensions: HairClutch


HairClutch is a 3-in-1 solution for hair extensions. That’s right, you can store your hair while hanging it in the closet.  It has a protective cover that will keep the hair protected from static and dust. You can curl, straighten or style the hair while it hangs in the bag. Then you can fold it up and snap it closed as it resembles a clutch purse. NO ONE has to know your beauty secrets! HairClutch is at your service to take care of your precious hair so it can stay in good shape and have a longer life.

HairClutch makes your life more convenient – you can style your hair in it the night before then roll it up and put it in your purse for after the gym, or after work.  You can go from daytime blah to nighttime bling in your office because HairClutch has your little beauty secrets all prepped and ready for stepping into your hotness! We are not just selling something that looks cool, but it’s ridiculously functional for all these little issues you didn’t even think about until you had to go buy new hair because yours is curled up in a ball in some drawer that you couldn’t begin to imagine where.  Does this sound like you? Do your hair a favor and get HairClutch.


So, Dames, let us know if you have any questions or want to find out more.

You can purchase your HairClutch at Use promo code THD4HC.



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