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HI Dames, I get this question a lot. How hot should my iron be?  The answer is it varies, but here’s a quick tip. Most irons can heat up to 450 degrees. This heat setting is not necessary for any person that is not a professional or has dense multi textural hair that needs serious heat to straighten. Fine to normal hair can straighten or curl around 320-380 degrees. If you have course hair or curly hair 415 will be a good setting. You do not need to hold you hair on the iron for 30 seconds. This is an old wives tale when irons only got up to 200 degrees. A solid 10 seconds is fine. If you want your curl to hold extra time you can set it after you put the heat on for the cool down, if you are beach waving your hair, do the whole head before you finger through. This is a loose set, so by the time you get to loosening the wave it has already cooled down.

Another tip, always use a protective spray or a setting spray before applying heat to your hair. Here’s a flashback of a previous post for a break down of the best protective sprays to use- click here.

Jamie has fine hair, even though she has a lot of it, 300 degrees was perfect for her hair.

I have more course, Italian hair- I use between 375-400 depending on how frizzy my hair air dried.

Laura has bleached fine hair. Absolutely no higher than 275-300 is necessary on this type of hair .

I hope this helps all YOU Dames out there!


Amalia Moscoso

The Hair Dame