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Bangs, the ultimate desire, and then…dun dun dun….the tears.

Us, ladies always want change, but then don’t always like what we’ve done. Don’t get me wrong, bangs look so amazing on some of us that we shouldn’t go a day without them. However, for most of us, it’s seasonal, trendy, and a breakup moment.

Our sincerest advice for every lady out there, get a set of clip in bangs first. They run you about $50 and the human hair ones you can color, cut and have your stylist customize for you. Once you wear them a bit and decide you love them, then for it! Otherwise you have just added some more versatility with your style.

The best bang piece options are at The Hair Shop For bangs, you want to match the color of your bang to your roots. If you are a blonde and have highlights, make sure to have your stylist give the hairpiece a little color on the root, it might need a base.

Here are some celebs with clip on bangs, bet ya didn’t know!! Shhh! It’s our little secret!


Clip on Bangs….