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Hi, Dames! Ever wondered how those girls on Instagram get such a big fishtail braid? Well, the answer is hair extensions! Even if you have long hair or thick hair, you can still use fun hair pieces to create a dramatic fishtail braid with accentuated color. Here’s a way for you to do it with Secret Extensions by The Hair Dame: I used two hair pieces in dark golden blonde and lightest golden blonde. It gave me a really cool ombre colored braid, and believe it or not, the fishtail braid is the easiest braid to do because it consists of only two strands.

Check out the video below so you can follow along.



Put on the hair extensions like a headband, then:
1. Remove hair from underneath around your hairline.
2. Remove hair around hairline from under the band.
3. Brush out the top hair to remove from under the band.

Gather all your hair to one side and fasten with a clear rubber band to begin fishtail braid, then:
1. Split hair into two sections.
2. Take thin pieces from the end and cross over the other section. Repeat on other side.
3. Continue this motion going all the way down to create the braid. The thinner the piece you cross, the scalier the braid will look.
4. Secure braid with clear rubber band, and pull the crown a bit for extra volume. Spray to finish.

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