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Hey, Dames!

Hoping that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and Hanukkah.  We’re in the final week of what a lot of people are calling a tough year, so it’s with no surprise that this last week might also meet us with some challenges.  Personally, I know my time management skills will be challenged with all the traveling, partying and family events.  One way that I can save major time is in the hair and makeup or, shall I say, “getting ready” department.

Dry shampoo, extensions and mascara are my beauty secrets for this busy time of year.  As long as you use your HairClutch to keep your hair extensions organized this look will not take up much room in a suitcase and won’t make you late.  If you need a party look that won’t take away from the BIG look of New Years Eve, this simple glam ponytail is perfect!

Thank you Katie Welch (@imthekatie) for lending us your stunning looks for this shoot.  Keep in mind Katie has shoulder length hair but you would never know it with these natural Secret Extensions.  The color matches perfectly and the fullness of them does not overwhelm her face.

Check out these steps below to recreate this glamorous ponytail with Secret Extensions by The Hair Dame .

glam ponytail with extensions

Step 1: Put on your Secret extensions like a headband, removing the hair around your hairline and combing out the top of your hair from under the invisible band.

Step 2: Gather all your hair into a ponytail. This part could be tricky, but take your time and gather all your hair above the hair pieces and smooth it out as you go.

Step 3: Take big sections of the hair in the pony and wrap it around a curling iron, leaving the ends out. Back-comb the waves from underneath; this will fill out the ponytail and create the glamorous effect of thick waves.

Step 4: Wrap a little hair around the rubber band for a finished look.

Quick tip: If you want to rid of all the fly-aways and bumps, spray hairspray on a tooth brush and brush them down.


Hope everyone loves and styles this look with ease. Remember to take a selfie and tag us on IG.

**Remember to always store your hair extensions in a HairClutch to give them a longer lasting life and a home to sleep in.



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