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Hey, Dames! Who wants volume that doesn’t quit?! WE DO!

We’ve found this epic hair piece that’s totally life-changing! It’s called Secret Volume. But… what does it do? It’s multi-functional: it can cover bald spots or over-dramatic cow licks. Below we show you a fun way to create forever volume in a half-up hairstyle. Chrissy Tiegen rocks this style from time to time, it’s a fav go-to.


Below are some tips and steps about how to do it with ease.

1. Tease the front top section of hair.
2. Clip in the Secret Volume hair piece. Snap in the middle clip first so you have a grip when snapping in the side clips.
3. Tease the Secret Volume hair piece and pull your hair over it. Smooth out the top layer of your hair and pull together. Tie off with a cute rubber band.

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Don’t forget to always keep your hair pieces stored safely in your HairClutch.

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