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Hi Dames! Summer is the time for natural texture. Its hot, its humid, and blowouts seem tedious. If you want natural texture and still want a fresh finished look a diffuser is the way to go. Diffusers push the moisture back into your hair like a humidifier does with the hair, so it doesn’t dehydrate your curl, it does the opposite. Use your favorite styling cream mixed with a little gel, and lather if from root to end on your hair in a generous amount. Put the blow dryer on medium to low force with high heat and go section by section layering your hair into the diffuser. When its all dry if you want to take a curling iron about 1″ to smooth out any frizzies, you can take large sections around the top and wrap them around the iron. This gives it a finished look. Below are my 2 favorite blow dryers. Trust me, the diffuser will be your best friend this summer!


Harry Josh Blowdryer- 


Dyson Blowdryer- 


Let me know how it goes, you can leave any questions below. Never fear this summer- The Hair Dame is here to help!



Amalia Moscoso

The Hair Dame