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Hi Dames! So- lobs and bobs have been a thing for a while, but not all of us really wanted to chop the locks.  It’s not fair that the Kardashians get to have to different lengths of hair depending on their outfit, why can’t we? We can! You can! Everyone can! If you don’t want to go the wig route, it’s ok. You can work with what you got. Below is a video of how to create a bob or lob if you have long hair. I got together with Laura Samuels @laurasamuels8 from the  George Lopez show and created a fake bob for you. Check it out below.

(enter video)

Before left. After Right.

Have FUN  playing and just remember to have your hair waved and textured, it blends the tuck.


Amalia Moscoso

The Hair Dame