Posted on by The Hair Dame


Hi, Dames! How many of you wash your brushes? Anyone? … anyone? Ladies, we need to wash our brushes! Dirt, products, build up, old hair… it all becomes scum on the “root” of the brush and it’s not sanitary. Let me help you out with a few tips.


1) Every time you brush your hair, pull out the loose hairs out of the brush right away — it’s a nice clean habit to get into.

2) Once a week, mix a little tea tree oil in a water spray bottle and spray your brushes (after you cleaned out the hair). This naturally kills bacteria, and keeps your brushes smelling fresh.



3) Once a month, soak your brushes in warm water with a few drops of tea tree oil. Then, take a manicure brush and scrub ’em out. Make sure you get past the bristles and scrub the base of the brush.


Follow these three tips, Dames, and you will be sure to have fresh clean brushes.  Keep it clean, ladies, keep it clean!