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Dames! Pink hair for summer yes please!! Rose Gold, blorange, baby pink, red pink, purple pink, melting into pink, you name it , its cool and in for summer. I myself just did a rendition of rose gold color and I’m obsessed! I never want to wash my hair! You can do it to. If you already have blonde highlights and you just want it for a few days, its so easy to do for a quickie look.  It will wash out (don’t use punky color).  Take any manic panic color that you like, mix it with white conditioner and put it on your hair when its wet, comb it through and leave for 10 min.


***Quick Tip** When you mix the pink with the conditioner, whatever color you see in the bowl will be the color in your hair.

Have fun Dames this summer!


Amalia Moscoso

The Hair Dame