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Dames, curly hair can either be the bane of your existence or the joy of your hair life. The girls that know how to work  them are the ones that enjoy them. A few tricks to know how to love that curly mane.

  1. The right products. So many to choose from. How do you know whats best? Curly hair needs 2 things 1)  frizz control and 2) moisture. Look for products (creams and oils) that state humidity resistant and moisturizing. The new it stuff right now is Redken’s NBD. Short for No Blow Dry. It’s the perfect combination of moisture and control. They have 3 options, depending on your hair type. Its the bomb too for wavy hair bringing out your natural wave without diffusing.


2.  Scrunch as much water out of your hair as possible but don’t, may I repeat DO NOT use your hands. This creates frizz, you must use a towel. You can actually dry your hair by continuously scrunching it. I found this awesome product called towel gloves. It comes with a towel turban. You can start with the towel turban, let your hair dry in the towel, take it out, apply NBD, then use your towel gloves to scrunch the product into your hair until almost totally dry. Viola!

Hope these tips get your curly locks through the summer with less frizz and more style! Let me know if you have any questions. @thehairdame



Amalia Moscoso

The Hair Dame