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Forget the round brush and rollers! Many short haircuts can be styled using nothing but your hands! A flat paddle brush works well for sleek short styles with hair clinging to the scalp. If you want to create roundness in shape like a flip or height on top, use the round brush only toward the very end of your blow drying process.

Great products are your best friend when you have short hair. I like to cocktail products for clients so you get a combination of hold, shine, and flexibility. For hold- you want a gel or a mousse. For shine- you can use any kind of argan oil or shine serum. For flexibility- I use a styling cream or soft waxy pomade. Work this cocktail into your hair when its wet and then blow-dry in. You will see how much shape your hair takes. Don’t use more than a dime-size of each product in your mixture. Below are some examples of styles you can achieve with these instructions.



No need for a brush at all with this style. After your product cocktail blow dry using your fingers only and finish with a shiny pomade, pushing your hairline up and back and messy everywhere else.

Use a small round brush, at the very end, and flip all your hair around your face and on top up and back . When your hair is totally dry use a firm Pomade to create your desired shape.

If your growing out a short cut, this is a great style for you. After your product cocktail blow dry with fingers. When its 100% dry use a 1″ curling iron and wrap medium sections of hair around the iron. Finger through waves to soften. To finish use a soft shiny pomade and twist out the ends.