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She always looks effortlessly amazing and the Golden Globe Nominations that she co-hosted this morning was no exception. We are digging her deep side-swoop and soft waves. It’s the perfect winter version of a summer look – something perfectly fitting for this California girl.

To get this look, The Hair Dame suggests..

If starting with wet hair, blow-dry focusing on the roots first – going side to side along your bangs to create volume. When you’re completely dry, blow into the direction your desired part using a round brush to smooth out the ends. For a great how-to video on blowing out your own hair, check this video out!

Next, using your curling iron (we suggest 1 1/2″ barrel), take 2″ to 3 ” sections around your hairline and wrap them around the curling iron away from your face on both sides. This will give you those soft waves in the front. Finish it with some shine enhancing hairspray – we love the Moroccan Oil brand.

If your hair is on its 2nd day, a deep-swoop is a great way to conceal a bit of your natural oils. using dry shampoo, spray at your roots throughout. Take a comb and start at the arch of your eye brow and comb towards the middle of your head. Bring all the hair in-front over to the side. Proceed with the curling iron, wrapping your hair away from you face – using your fingers to comb through and give them a natural beachy-look. Finish your look with hair spray. Voila! You ready to hit the red carpet… or the office!