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– What is the best shampoo to use for hair extensions?

A. Any hair extensions with bonding systems are sensitive to all oils. Therefore moisturizing shampoo will breakdown the bond and make your extensions fall out. The best shampoo for these extensions is by Goldwell Kerasilk. For systems with out any bond Bain De Terre sulfate free is best.

– Any tips for doing a loose side bun? I have fine hair so I have a problem  with updo’s staying in place…also is it better with clean or dirty hair?

 A. Our tip for a messy side bun with fine hair is to put your hair in hot rollers first to give it some bend. Take out teh rollers and finger through it then spray it well with hairspray so it has a little texture. Take a rubber band and do a little side pony with all your hair. The hair hanging now should be easier to just pull up and pin. You can grab all the hair hanging and literally twist and pin or grab it in sections if you want to keep it more messy looking. If any piece is hanging still or looks out of place just pin it!

   As for clean or dirty hair for updo’s- we 90% of the time recommend dirty BUT if your 1 day old looks too old (and we guess you know when old just looks way too greasy) then do clean.  You can always use dry shampoo on your roots and massage in for volume. Dry shampoo would be great for you clean or dirty for extra volume with fine hair. Our favorite brand is Serge Normant Meta. Just make sure to massage it in well so there is no powdery residue left anywhere on your head.  Good luck!

Any recommendations on good, affordable hot rollers?

  A.  Babyliss and T3 are great brands for your hair-medium to large rollers. always has great deals! 

– What is the best way to still rock on ombre look this summer?

  A. Find a recommended professional stylist near your and make an appointment. We don’t generally recommend box color so we wouldn’t for ombre. HOWEVER we have seen success with the L’Oreal ombre box dye when directions are followed to the T. In the end a great colorist always makes life alot easier!