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Never fear Dames in training! We are here to give you some inspirational styles and tips on how to match your hair to your dress…

First and foremost please refer to the THD RULES because they apply to gowns as well. #1 is so important: Choose a focal point. If your prom dress is a princess style, over the top gown, wear your hair up and soft. If your dress is simple and mostly solid in texture and color, you can wear your hair down and play with it a bit.


if your dress is asymmetrical you can wear your hair to one side. You can see here, that even though Selena’s hair is down it is subdued a bit due to the dramatic shoulder piece.

To get the look yourself:

-Start with clean hair and set it in hot rollers placing them facing toward the back. This will give you a voluminous top and front. If you want it to look more like old Hollywood glam, create a side part and place the rollers coming down the sides. Leave them in place until the rollers have cooled, about 30 min. (If you have clip in hair extensions add them in before you set your hair)
-Take the rollers down and spray with hair spray Brush it out and run your fingers through with hair serum, like morrocan oil or Redken’s Hair glass.
– Bring all your hair to one side and secure with bobby pins on the underneath. Hairspray to finish.

This hairstyle would be perfect for a tight simple dress. The hair is definately the focal point and the volume will balance out a tight dress.

To get the look yourself:

– Day old hair would be the best for this hairstyle. Use Serge Normant’s dry shampoo on your roots to absorb the oils and give you massive volume. Spray on each section of your root and rub it out.
– Separate out the front section of your hair in whatever way is best for your face and tease the crown of  your hair with a teasing comb. Gather the top section and secure it in the back. You can choose whether you want to gather the entire top half or leave out about an inch of hair above your ears the way that Carrie Underwood has it here.
– Take your 1″ barrel curling iron and wrap sections around the iron, alternating each away from your face and towards your face. The trick to getting as much volume as Carrie is to use clip in hair extensions. Clip them in before you start to curl. Hair spray each section before you curl it, as this will give it more hold. If you want a messier look, you can shake it out at the end and tease the roots of the bottom section. If you prefer to look more groomed and soft, just finger through it slightly and hairspray to finish.

If your dress has a Grecian or Hippie vibe, meaning long and flowey this would be a great hairstyle for you.

To get the look yourself:

– There are a few ways to get this look. Using a braid as a head band instantly gives it this hippy chic look. If you don’t have bangs, you can buy clip in bangs. They are fun and look totally natural. You can buy a braided head band and wear it with a cute bun in the back or….
– part your hair down the middle and create two side ponytails
– braid each ponytail to the very ends and cross them over the top of your head and secure with pins on each side.

No matter what, a fab go to is just long, pretty, sleek hair as long as you don’t have a lot going on with the top of the dress.

To get the look yourself:

– Do yourself a favor and invest in some clip in hair extensions. The best hair accessory a woman can have. After all, Dames, a woman’s hair is her most IMPORTANT accessory!
– Starting with clean hair, give yourself a blow out. Check out THD Blow Out video for tips.
– Clip-in your hair pieces
– Choose to either flat iron everything sleek and straight- super hot! (Make sure to use heat protectant spray.) Or, put waves in it with a 1 ” curling iron. If you choose the curling iron, wrap your hair around the iron in medium sections all away from your face. If you want more a beach wave look alternate the direction, one section towards your face, the next one away from your face. Try Sarah Potempa’s Beachwaver.