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Bronde hair color

“Bronde” is the new Blonde. Why, you ask? Because so many of us brunettes that have always wanted to be blondes have a new way to get there, and so many blondes that were sick of the up-keep have found a home that suits this dilemma. What is it, you say? It’s a darker root with painted highlights, specifically framing the face and coming from within the interior layers of the hair, instead of right on top. This hair color has been trending for years now, but it’s not going anywhere any time soon. In fact, we’re just creating more patterns around this concept, marrying balyage and ombre. If you’re sick of  the up-keep on your bright blonde locks, or if you just want a little depth but are scared of going dark, ask your stylist for a base break. It’s a good place to start!


Here are some great examples of our fave celeb Brondes!